About the Firm

Founded by Louis J. Franco in 1994, the Law Office of Louis J. Franco has offices in Lunenburg, Massachusetts and Boston.  We are dedicated exclusively to providing expert Patent and Trademark related legal services and counseling. The firm welcomes clients from all over the United States and abroad and represents a local, national and international clientele ranging in scope from individuals to large, multinational corporations.

In order to provide the personalized and quality level of service for which we are known, we rely on a small core of professionals well versed in intellectual property law and highly proficient in various technical disciplines.  Accordingly, the clients we represent are engaged in numerous fields of innovation and product development including, but not limited to, common consumer products, machinery, hand and power tools, optics, spectroscopy, semi-conductors, mechanics, chemical compositions and processes, aerospace, material handling, agriculture, medicine, dentistry, telecommunications, defense assets and computer software.


About Louis J. Franco

Lou Franco established the Law Office of Louis J. Franco in Boston, Massachusetts in 1994 and is an experienced patent and trademark lawyer admitted to the bars of Massachusetts and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Franco graduated from Fordham University with degrees in Physics and Philosophy and earned his Juris Doctorate from the Indiana University School of Law.  In addition to his lifelong curiosity in all things scientific and inventive, Mr. Franco is an experienced instructor and lecturer, having served, at various times throughout his career, as a teacher and lecturer in mathematics, physics, history and law.  Among his teaching positions were 9 years of service as a law school professor of patent and trademark law.  He has also presented extensively to the research & development and management personnel of numerous corporations, primarily in the eastern United States and to the general public at public libraries throughout New England.  You may email Lou directly at loufranco@mypatentlawyer.com.


About Chris Geehan 

Chris Geehan recently joined The Law Office of Louis J. Franco.  Mr. Geehan is a trademark attorney, the firm's lead legal researcher and a consultant in the areas of chemistry, biology and medical devices.  Chris graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Fitchburg State College and earned his Juris Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Law.  In addition to pursuing his calling in intellectual property law, Chris has contributed to bench top research in a transplant immunology research laboratory for over ten years at The Children's Hospital Boston, a teaching Hospital of the Harvard University Medical School.  In his capacity as a scientific researcher, Chris has co-authored numerous scientific publications and abstracts.  Chris is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and makes his home in Northern Worcester County.  You may email Chris directly at chrisgeehan@mypatentlawyer.com.


About Darlene Franco 

Darlene S. Franco, Ph.D is the firm's Chief Science and Technolgy Advisor.  With years of experience in government and corporate research laboratories, Darlene brings to the practice a wealth of knowledge in the areas in which she directly advises.  Over the course of her career, Darlene has lead groups as a principal investigator in developing cutting-edge semiconductor device fabrication techniques, epilayer transfer integration, short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging, low-light level imaging, and LADAR technology. Dr. Franco has extensive experience in developing near-infrared (NIR) to mid-wave infrared (MWIR) optical sensors in multiple material systems including SiGe and InGaAs, and has investigated silicon-germanium heterostructures for optoelectronic and MWIR sensor applications. Darlene received her B.S. in physics from Fordham University.  After Fordham, Darlene attended graduate school at the University of Connecticut, from which she earned her Masters Degree in Physics and her Ph.D. in Materials Science.  Following her graduate work, Darlene was awarded a prestigious National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship.  You may email Darlene directly at darlenefranco@mypatentlawyer.com.



Our Services

The Law Office of Louis J. Franco is dedicated exclusively to intellectual property law, with approximately eighty percent of the practice focused on patents and twenty percent on trademarks.

On the patent side, the principal concentration is on (1) drafting and prosecuting patent applications through the United States Patent and Trademark Office and foreign patent offices, (2) patentability assessments, (3) product clearance and infringement/non-infringement opinions, and (4) product design-around opinions.   

The trademark side of the practice focuses on (1) name/symbol/design availability searches, (2) infringement assessments and (3) preparing and filing U.S. and foreign trademark and service mark applications.


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